Refit and rig inspections

Performance counts, owning the game of your insurance or registry requirements counts even more. This is why we’re here to provide you all the necessary assistance by carrying full inspections onboard and following every phase of your maintenance program.

We offer both rod and composite rigging solutions for your 4-5 years regular maintenance (including all necessary diagonal rods substitutions), as well as for your 8-10 years maintenance (including all necessary vertical rods substitutions).

You will promptly receive our reports at the end of every check, with distinct assessments for visual and NDT inspections.


Big projects need big project management. This is why we carry NDT and all major inspections always with our leading-edge partners.


  • Visual inspections

  • NDT inspections

  • Replacements

  • Repair works

  • Report

This is our to-do list every time we meet you onboard to start your refit and rig inspections.

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